New Girlpower rocks and wins German Nationals 2017

All of us have been jumping and competing in mixed teams for a long time now – with several medals in different classes. We never wanted to jump in a girls-team… But now as a female constellation we found a new kind of team spirit and flying quality. From left: Carola Fietz, Sandra Dederichs, Torsten Jung (Video), Janine Tillenburg, Yasmin Schütte


Photo Credit: Carmen Budrat

Round 10 @ German Nationals 2017

This is it… Last round of German Nationals 2017. We are super excited! Hopefully we will manage to keep up the focus. We have had a great competition so far and thanks to the fast procedure we completed after 2 days. The draw was „ok“ – nothing dramatic, nothing super fast and a bit challenging in some transitions. The hardest part is concentrating and not being distracted by anything.

Photo Credit: Elmar